Jocund Hearst School, Daycare and activity center has its operation focuses on the critical needs of its potential corporate clients who are in need of a professional Partner to help them establish and operate a creche/daycare facility on their premises. Thus providing an enabling environment to support the critical needs of their employees while fulfilling their dual responsibility as a professional and as a parent who would like to be in the comfort zone of seeing their little ones growing and learning.

We cater to children from as early as 3 months old to 12 years. We also provide afterschool programs for older children and conduct summer and winter camps to keep the kids occupied. We make learning fun while parents are away at work. We are a true parenting Partner in need and do our best to provide a Home away from home to all the kids. Jocund Hearts School, Daycare, and activity center is a place where parents can leave their children in professional, loving, and caring hands.

At JHS we have a colorful, flexible & organic environment with a lot of scope for visual stimulation & tactile exploration; an environment that immerses young children in a network of emotionally safe relationships and experiences..

We at JHS provide a homely and nurturing environment where each child can thrive. We assay to provide the ultimate care for kids through reliable caregivers so that parents can work at peace .

Jocund Hearst School and Daycare can help its corporate customers in the following ways

  • Establishing State of the art Exclusive Daycare Facility using their professional expertise for your employees, set up inside your premises
  • taking charge of Managing On-site Daycare
  • Customized model as per the requirement

Benefits of having a daycare facility on-premises / Off-premises (Tie ups)

  • Ensuring Staff retention
  • Building loyalty with staff members
  • Provide Enhanced Corporate brand image and make yourself an employer of choice
  • Improving staff efficiency and productivity.
  • Attracting better talent
  • Ensuring low absenteeism
  • Compliance with govt. policies and laws
  • Achieving diversity targets
  • Doing away with the need for a child-related sabbatical

Subsidised Day care

This can be the most preferred option for you , we can block a certain capacity or subsidize childcare for your employees at our premises. Following are the key benefits of Subsidised daycare facilities.
  • Faster execution as  daycare facility and infrastructure is already available
  • Holidays & timings can be altered to suit your needs
  • Preferable by employees as it provides freedom to access by anyone of their nominated family members.
  • Zero cost of infrastructure set up
  • Based on capacity utilization actual running costs can be scaled up or down

Back up Day care

This model enables your employees who may be in the need of ad-hoc childcare support requirements. We block a part of our capacity for your employees and they can access it as per their needs.